Review of Do or Die Album by Eureka Machines

Review of Eureka Machines album Do Or Die.

Eureka Machines Do or Die Album

Some people just can’t stop making new tunes, to some it is a calling, others a day job. For Singer Songwriter Chris Catalyst is seems like it’s a vocation, he already has the bragging rights of previously being apart of The Sisters Of Mercy, The Dead Pets and AntiProduct. Now he is the man behind Eureka Machines along with three other guys and is set to blast out nothing but rock-punk tunes.

‘Do Or Die’ is the new album to come from Eureka Machines and instantly there is that American Green Day feel to their music which is evident in songs such as ‘Scream Eureka’ and ‘The Story Of My Life’ At the same time though it does not seem intentional nor do you sense that they are even trying to sound like Green Day, it is just the way there music has ended up.

If you are looking for an album which you can just scream at the top of your voice in your car or even in the shower then this is the album for you it is just honest rock-post without the thrills. It is like a super car that has been stripped of all of its mod cons and yet that rawness is what gives you that extra buzz. The band have already given a lot of lucky fans a taste of what is on the album after playing some tracks live at Leeds and Reading festival, with ‘She Sings To Me’ being a really immense guitar rip roaring work of art.

Don’t just think that Eureka Machines are just rockers, they can bang out the odd ballad too and ‘The One Who Wouldn’t Change You’ is a good piece of music and breaks up the album nicely. It is just a case of not taking it too far and doing a Bon Jovi, plenty of good rock tunes then spoil it by plastering over them with ballad after ballad.

Mark Moore

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