Review of Sweet Rain Single by Euphoria

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5. Euphoria "Sweet Rain" (12" - (Six Degrees) )
Guitronica is apparently the label that Euphoria have conjured up for their unique fusion of well, guitar music and electronica. Headed by previous TV composer Ken Ramm (who has done no less than to get himself nominated for an Emmy for one of his TV compositions, and had music championed on MTV and various feature films), Euphoria make complex music, exploiting and maximising the fundamentals of rhythm. This release is an excellent taster for their album - due out in June.

As their label moniker Guitronica suggests, this music is laden with loads of ultra catchy acoustic guitar alongside up-tempo drum sequences and layer upon layer of varying sounds. Its quite obvious this is a professional were dealing with. The generous remixes have been provided by Faze Action and Fila Brazilia.

Both of whom manage to stick to the original script whilst also adding their own candid sggestions; the percussive afro jazz infusions of the former and the vocally bass driven stirrings of the latter. Intelligently comfortable sounds that need a good listening to.