Review of Monsters Under The Bed Single by Eugene McGuinness

Eugene McGuinness
Monsters Under The Bed
Single Review

Eugene McGuinness Monsters Under The Bed Single

We live in an era of total information immersion - and it's driving us mad. It's all too much to take in; no matter how much we cram there's still So! Many! Websites! To! Check! So! Much! TV! To! Watch! and now with Sky+ You! Can! Watch! It! All! Liverpool-based 21 year-old Eugene McGuinness understands this, and it's led him to create one of the most wonderfully crazed singles in recent times. 'Monsters Under The Bed' is a delerious paranoid rant against modern life's ever-punishing information overload, skittering with lo-fi drum machines, merry-go-round synths and yelping vocals. In just over 2 minutes McGuinness howls at the constant whirring of his brain keeping him awake until the early hours, throwing in some choice images along the way: "And when the talkshow ends I scream right at the screen for more pregnant teens / I spent 5 hours on the net last night, avoiding the monsters under my bed". It's a damn-near perfect sonic evocation of bloodshot hunched-over-the-keyboard-at-3am insomnia and it's catchy as hell.

Flipside 'Myrtle Parade' is a little more conventional but hardly worse for it, a wry observation of a society falling to pieces - "keep your head down and your hood up / oh, the ex-offender said 'I swear officer, I found her tied to my bed'". At times reminiscent of Mull Historical Society but underpinned with the bontempi intermission rhythms so beloved of Blur all those years ago, it's a rather wonderful song.

As McGuinness himself exclaims on 'Monsters...', Fan-f**king-tabulous. We will be hearing more of this young man very soon.

Owen Lloyd

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