Actor Eugene Levy is stunned he has managed to stay married for over 32 years - because his wife threatened him with divorce two decades ago.
The American Pie star and his writer wife Deborah Devine first ran into marital problems after moving to Los Angeles and attempting to enlist their children in a private school.
The exclusive institution required them to fill in a series of complicated applications, which Levy struggled to complete as he couldn't remember the colour of his wife's eyes for one particularly comprehensive section.
Now he's thanking his wife for not following through on threats to end their then union.
He says, "About 20 years ago I made a faux-pas sizable enough that it could've ended the marriage... I'm home one night not doing anything really, thinking about myself, and my wife Deb comes down from her office; she has a stack of school application forms and dumps them on my desk.
"I reach a section on the application form that asks for information on your spouse... and there's a little box that says, 'colour of eyes'.
"I know enough not to pose the question to the wife but, at the same, I just really want to get through this application, so I actually yell into the other room, 'Deb, what colour are your eyes?' Without missing a beat, she replies, 'Ask my lawyer!' She keeps throwing it in my face every now and then."