'Moon Knight' was made "like a movie" and was never called a series on set.

The Disney+ series - which is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and acts as a spin-off to the comic book film franchise - stars Ethan Hawke as charismatic antagonist Arthur Harrow and director Mohamed Diab is "sure" that it will go to the big screen but it was never called a TV show on set.

He said: " One day. I'm sure [it will come to the big screen]. It's made like a movie, just so you know. There isn't a day that we call it a TV show. We call it a movie."

The 43-year-old director went on to admit while the possibility of second season of the show - which also stars Oscar Isaac in the the title role of a Jewish-American mercenary with dissociative identity disorder - is uncertain due to the "secrecy" of Marvel bosses, he is "sure" that the story will be "staying for a long time" in whatever medium.

He told Collider: I want to let you in a secret. Marvel is so secretive that what's your experience is what my experience is. I know nothing. And sometimes you ask yourself, "Did I do a bad job?" But I think this is the way they do it. Thank God they love the show.

What I'm absolutely sure of that Moon Knight is staying, staying for a long time, in my opinion. That's just a prediction. He's so interesting that I think he's going to stay, but what's going to happen next? Is he going to be a another season? Is it going to be a film? Is he join someone else? My guess is yours."