Ethan Hawke spent more than 10 hours on a bus in a last-ditch attempt to make it to the premiere of his film 'Wildcat'.

The 52-year-old actor-turned-director was heading to the Toronto International Film Festival to showcase his new movie which stars his daughter Maya but he was left stranded in New York after three flights were cancelled due to bad weather - but he was determined to make it to the event so he hopped on a Greyhound coach with his wife Ryan Shawhughes.

Speaking to PEOPLE on the red carpet at the premiere on Monday evening (11.09.23), Ethan explained: "Three flights cancelled, then I was like: ‘I’m not gonna miss this because of some airport. So, I went to port authority [in New York City] and hopped the bus."

When asked if he was recognised by any other travellers, the actor replied: "Man, nobody cares about anybody else on the bus ... nobody’s comfortable ... Nobody cares at all ... I just read my book and disappeared in the back and prayed that we made it."

Maya - who stars in the film which her dad directed - was also asked about Ethan's long journey and she revealed it was the talk of the festival. She told the outlet: "He did [take the bus]! Everyone’s talking about it ... He had to take the bus here ‘cause all the flights got cancelled."

The 'Stranger Things' actress went on to insist she felt proud to premiere the movie at the festival after being granted an exemption from the ongoing actors and writers strike which has prohibited members from promoting their work.

She added: "To get to be at this festival and to have approval from our union during a strike, to be here and celebrate film and independent film and to get to see this movie in an audience, which is so rare now, is just the ultimate privilege."