Ethan Hawke thinks big budget movies come with "a lot of fear".

The 51-year-old actor has valued the "immense creative freedom" that's come with working on many independent movies over the years because he knows major studio blockbusters are typically more regimented, so he was pleasantly surprised when he started work on his Marvel Studios show 'Moon Knight'.

He said: "What’s wonderful about a smaller film is there’s immense creative freedom, because there isn’t a lot of money riding on it. So people are kind of betting on the more adventurous some of the ideas in the movie, the more chance it has of being successful.

"Usually, on a bigger budget film, there’s just a lot of fear. They’re just worried you’re gonna lose money, or your idea is going to derail the system.

"But Marvel didn’t work that way at all. They seem to have a great love of actors, and they have a great trust in them, and they really want you to contribute. They really want your creativity, and that was surprising to me.

"It was surprising to me to come up with ideas for the character, and have them go ‘Yes! Do that! That would be amazing!’ I’m not used to that."

The 'Boyhood' actor admitted it made a refreshing change not having to "rush" through the shoot, but it was also a negative that filming on the show took so long.

He told Men's Health magazine: "I’ve spent so much of my life working in independent film, where you are always rushing. It’s just, like, a sprint.

"And the thing about the Marvel movies is they have the budget and the means to give you enough time to shoot, and that has positives—that are obvious—and negatives—which are that it takes a really long time. We were in Budapest from, like, March to September, because they take their time to make these things."