Ethan Hawke would love to make a sequel to 'The Black Phone'.

The 53-year-old actor played serial killer The Grabber in Scott Derrickson's hit 2022 horror flick and has revealed that he would be keen to reprise the part, even though he had seemingly met his maker at the end of the film.

Speaking to Collider, Ethan said: "Thanks, I have a good relationship, you know, like Maya (his actress daughter) said about directors - it's really true of Scott Derrickson. I had a really wonderful experience making my first scary movie with him. We did a movie called 'Sinister', and he's just a real filmmaker.

"I love the way he thinks about film and storytelling. And as I get older, I really enjoy working in different genres as an actor. It's a way to shape (and) change yourself as a performer. By trying to learn the math of what makes a great romantic comedy, what makes a great art film, what makes a great horror film, what makes a great Western, you know, there's a certain geometry to all that and Scott is brilliant at that. And so, basically, if he wants me to be in 'Black Phone 2', I'm gonna do it."

Derrickson previously said that he would consider revisiting the characters after the movie proved to be successful at the box office.

He told TheWrap: "It's not something that is innately exciting to me, in the case of this story. I'm interested in the characters we created, and I think there's a tone to the movie that is unique and can be expanded upon.

"So possibly, we'll see. You never know, but I'm certainly not closed off to the idea."