Ethan Hawke turned to writing and directing movies over fears acting roles would dry up.

The 'Training Day' star won two Academy Award nominations for his writing work on 2004's 'Before Sunset' and its 2013 sequel 'Before Midnight' and he has been directing since 2001 when he made his directorial debut with drama 'Chelsea Walls' - and Ethan has now revealed he embraced the behind-the-scenes side of Hollywood in case he started struggling to land acting jobs.

Speaking during an appearance at the Zurich Film Festival in Switzerland, he explained: "I stayed connected to wanting to write and direct, because I was so fearful of the parade leaving town. Acting is a challenging lifestyle choice, because you are only as good as your opportunities. I was scared they would take the candy away."

The 52-year-old Hollywood star also spoke about his breakthrough role in 1989 movie 'Dead Poets Society' in which he played one of the students taughter by Robin Williams' character - and he hailed the film as a life-changing experience.

He said: "A lot of children want to perform. They want to be athletes, firemen, actors. They think it’s fun to get attention. I did like it, and then I had this strange storm that came into my life, which was ‘Dead Poets Society'."

Ethan added of his late co-star Williams: "He was a miracle to be near. The success of that film showed me the power of art. It does make a difference and people are listening if you speak clearly."

His latest project is 'Wildcat' - a collaboration with his daughter Maya Hawke. Ethan co-wrote and directed the movie while his 'Stranger Things' actress daughter stars alongside Laura Linney.

The film tells the story of American novelist Flannery O'Connor and Ethan added of the experience: "It’s extremely easy to direct your own daughter, because the love is there."