This week’s episode of Fargowas yet another downer, but maybe it comes with the territory for a show, set in the desolate Minesota prairie.  Beware, spoilers ahead. Fargo episode 2, The Rooster Prince, opens with another stark, snowy landscape to help set the mood. Something is on its way. Literally. “Something” comes in the form of two mysterious travelers – an unknown, leather jacket and mutton chop-sporting man and his passenger, whose identity is hidden away by a large coat, majestic beard and a pair of sunglasses. 

Martin Freeman
The Coen Brothers' adaptation of their 1996 film is just as dense as the original.

As the two arrive in Bemidji, the town is still rocked by the deaths of trucking boss Sam Hess, police chief Vern Thurman, and bullying wife Pearl Nygaard. Apparently the mysterious pair have been sent by Fargo, the crime syndicate overseeing Hess’ empire. They ask for Max Gold, whose exact position within the firm is still unknown, though he acts like a money man or lawyer. It seems like he is overseeing the business in Hess’ place.

The newcomers are identified as the hulking Mr. Wench – who also happens to be deaf – and his partner, Mr. Numbers. Wrench wants to know why this town doesn’t have a library, Numbers translates. He thinks every town should have a library. Gold is taken aback. "I agree," he says. "Tell him I agree." Dramatic tension ensues.

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Finally, Numbers explains that the duo have arrived to find out what happened to Hess. Does Gold believe it was connected to "the business"? He figures out a story to tell – there was a man, not young, not old, He had a cut on his forehead and said he wanted to take a look at Sam, which he did, then left. It doesn’t look like the gentlemen are buying his story, so Gold goes for the next best thing and tries to convince them that he was a good friend of Hess. "You’re gonna find him, right? The guy who did it?" he asks. Mr. Wrench slides a finger across his throat. Mr. Numbers helpfully translates: “We’ll find him.”