While most celebrities stay clear of Operation Yewtree, such is its sensitive nature, and widespread reportage, Esther Rantzen has publically condemned it for "tainting" the reputations of those arrested

In an interview with the Sunday Post, Ms Rantzen said: "I personally believe Operation Yewtree needs to change and change quickly. Yewtree could make it harder than ever for victims of abuse to ask for help, or gain the justice they deserve." Rantzen also questioned the arrest of Jim Davidson, sayin, "Yewtree is about child abuse, isn't it? After all, it was set up as a direct result of the Savile revelations. The NSPCCC is supporting the Yewtree investigations because it is a charity dedicated to protecting children against abuse. When Yewtree swoops - and celebrity after celebrity has been targeted by them - we assume they've uncovered yet more sexual abuse of children. But it turns out that Jim Davidson has not been accused of abusing any children. He is defending himself against historic accusations brought by two women who were in their 20s at the time."

Jim Davidson is the latest person to be arrested under the investigation, but vehemently denies the claims. In a statement, Mr Brandman - his solicitor - said, according to The Evening Standard: "Two women have made allegations in respect of Jim that date back approximately 25 years. The complainants were then in their mid 20s. Jim vigorously denies the allegations. He answered police questions as fully as he was able after this passage of time. He has not been charged with any offence. Neither he nor I will be making any further comment."