Estelle - Interview

19 January 2005


Estelle - Interview

How’s you day been so far?

Fine thanks, I’ve been keeping as busy as usual. Especially after the Christmas break.

How did you spend your new year?

I stayed at home and took it really easy. I didn’t go out or anything, I relaxed a whole lot and slept a lot. I took advantage of the time I had off and spent it with my family.

For people who haven’t heard of Estelle before how would you describe your music?

The heart of it is hip hop/soul music, It doesn’t really fit into one genre. There’re always surprises lurking. Everyone always takes me as a rapper but when they actually hear my music they are surprised to see that I do actually sing. No one really knows how to take me and I’m happy with that because it allows me the freedom to be me and try new things.

Estelle - Interview
Estelle - Interview

Who were your musical influences?

A lot of R&B hip hop and soul influences I wouldn’t say anyone person in particular, I guess George Benson & Karen Clarke would be good examples.

You are performing at the Brits launch this year. Do you know if you are up for a prize yet?

Yea I got asked to perform at the show as yet I don’t know if I’m nominated for anything. I guess I’m going to find out very shortly. I just hope I haven’t said yes to perform there without me getting a nomination.

How did you get started in music?

I started off rapping underground, a few people watched me and took an interest in me and from there I started to play more shows.

How long had you been in music before you were signed?

I’ve been in music for 6 years. I did approach quite a few different record labels about signing to them but all of them were saying here is 2 grand to go and record my album. I decided that wasn’t right for me. So I went off recorded my album and then went back to some labels and I chose V2, are relationship has been great.

18 th day has been described as you life chronicles. Do you find it easier writing about passed experiences and things that have really influenced your life?

Yea definitely, every track on the album has been influenced by my life so far. It’s all the stuff I do and have done and everything I have been through, I write from an Estelle prospective. I have co-written some tracks with other people but I have had to take time out to get to know them and know what they are about before I wanted to write with them.

Who is in your CD player?

Minnie Riperton, Kayne West, he’s actually been in there for quite a while now. I just bought the Amy Winehouse album, she’s good.

You have had quite a packed diary in 2004, what’s planned for 2005?

The first thing to happen is my new single will come out on March the 7 th it’s called Go Gone, the video is abit crazy for this track I think it will shock people. We will start thinking about my next album towards the end of the year. I have also done a track with Miss Dynamite, Beverley Knight and some other girls called Dancin. It’s just a girls doing it for themselves kind of track but it’s looking pretty good. There is quite a lot of hype building at the moment so it’s getting me pretty excited.

All the artists you seem to have been supporting recently seem to have been American, have any plans been made for you to try and break over there?

Yeah, I have worked with loads of American people recently, they just keep on calling me. It’s weird because I don’t get so many calls from UK artists I am going to go on tour with Natasha Bedingfield and possibly Lamar so that is going to be a little different.

I think really I have already started to break the scene in America. I recorded a track with John Legend and I have just done a duet with him. And I keep on having more offers come in and I’m always glad to except if I feel they’re right for me.

What advise would you pass onto an unsigned artist trying to make it?

If you don’t feel happy with the way something is going don’t do it. You have to do what you feel is right. If you don’t feel comfortable doing something it’s probably the wrong decision.


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