Erykah Badu thinks musicians are the future of fashion.

The neo-soul singer was chosen by Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci to front his spring 2014 campaign and believes the current trend for stars like Lady GaGa posing for Versace and Miley Cyrus for Marc Jacobs is a reflection of the deep creative and visual connection between designers and music artists.

She explained to V magazine: ''I think that we keep each other moving creatively, especially those that have been in this game awhile. To see our fellow artists like Riccardo and Donatella choose musicians only shows that we are all connected.

''My creative song is married to Riccardo's creative eye, perhaps because I can sing a lot of songs about these designs and ideas that he has. I think it's just the spirit of where we are as a whole tribe of humans. Visual expresses music expresses theme expresses theory. Everything goes together to more broadly express what the artist is trying to say.

''There's no way I can express what I'm trying to say without the help of some visual artist completing my sentences. I think right now we're completing each other's sentences, artistically.''

Erykah was photographed by Mert & Marcus for Givenchy's new Africa-meets-Japan themed campaign last November, and Riccardo was seriously impressed with the icon's innate sense of style.

He said: ''She put the looks together in such a strong way. I was really very impressed. Some celebrities are in campaigns for money or whatever but it's forced. But I only want to work with people that I love and respect.

''With Erykah the energy was already there. This was perfect because in a way we belong to each other, we help each other as artists.''