Soul singer Erykah Badu made an unexpected appearance on a local Texas news station this week (begs23Feb15) after inclement weather conditions grounded her flight from Dallas to Los Angeles.

The On & On hitmaker was among the passengers left stranded at Dallas-Forth Worth Airport and agreed to be interviewed by local CBS news reporter Steve Pickett about the delays.

Discussing the long wait for another flight, the singer quipped, "It's hard out here for a pimp, you know?", before adding, "I'm just trying to get to Los Angeles. I just have to wait a little bit longer."

She then smiled and waved to the camera, mouthing, 'Hey mom' as Pickett finished his segment.

Pickett later took to his blog to give Badu a shout out, writing, "You never know who'll you run into at the airport!!! Awesome!"

Badu is no stranger to odd Tv appearances - last summer (Jun14), she interrupted a live news broadcast in New York by walking into shot and attempting to kiss reporter Mario Diaz, much to his surprise.