R+B star Erykah Badu is confused by reports she and actress Tea Leoni had a violent scuffle on the set of their new movie HOUSE OF D - because the pair weren't even in the same country at the time of the alleged brawl.

Reports recently surfaced on a New York radio show that the ON + ON singer and Leoni got into a fistfight after Badu became irate over a trivial argument.

According to the report, Badu had to be restrained after repeatedly punching the JURASSIC PARK III star in the face.

But Badu's representative, WENDY WASHINGTON, blasts, "This story is pure fabrication. It's completely unfounded!"

Washington says that Badu, who has a child with ex-boyfriend ANDRE 3000, shot her role in the film in August and September of last year (03). Afterwards, she left America and toured in Europe for the rest of the autumn.

She adds, "The timeframe in which the report said this occurred doesn't even add up. Erykah wasn't even in the country. Besides, she had a great working relationship with Tea and everyone else in the film."

House of D, directed by Leoni's husband David Duchovny, is set to be released later this year (04).

14/01/2004 09:05