Review of Sheltered Life Single by Erlend Oye

Erlend Oye – Sheltered Life

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Erlend Oye – Sheltered Life (released 23.06.03)

Erlend Oye

Sheltered Life

(released 23.06.03)

Everyone’s favourite bespectacled Norwegian and Berlin resident is showcasing another track from his widely acclaimed solo album ‘Unrest’. He is perhaps better known as one half of folk duo Kings Of Convenience or as the vocalist on a couple of Royksopp hits and on the new Jolly Music single ‘Talco Uno’.

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Of late Oye has been exceptionally busy promoting ‘Unrest’ around the world with his temporary touring band, The Full Effect. More dates in North America performing as a solo artist are also planned shortly.

The melodic beats and mellow vocal on ‘Sheltered Life’ are an accuratesnapshot of the whole album, which was recorded in ten different cities, eachtime with an alternative producer. ‘Sheltered Life’ seems to be asong exclusively for people who have been left seriously brain fried by theirweekend. The insipid single is slightly enlivened by The Youngsters remix, butthe acoustic bonus version only reinforces the tedium.

Gavin Eves