It has been a career year for Erin Andrews!

The 36 year-old TV personality has been promoted to be a NFL sideline reporter as part of Fox Sports No.1 broadcast team.

Erin will replace longtime sportscaster Pam Oliver, and will begin her new gig this coming fall.

Oliver will continue to work for the network's No.2 NFL broadcasting team before transitioning into a role that will take her off the sideline for good.

After working in the same role for the last 19 years, Oliver confirmed the news on Sunday (July 13th) to Sports illustrated, admitting it was initially hard to take.

"To go from the lead crew to no crew was a little shocking," the 53 year-old told SI. "I said I wanted to do a 20th year [on the sidelines]. I expressed to them that I was not done and had something to offer."

Adding, "Again, I think it was predetermined coming in. Not at that meeting, but two years ago it was determined that no matter what I did or did not do, a change would be made for this year."

Andrews, who was announced as the new 'Dancing With The Stars' co-host this past February, has been a sports broadcaster for Fox Sports since 2012. Although Oliver had nothing negative to say about her replacement, she did hint that the change was motivated by youth.

"I live in the real world and I know that television tends to get younger where women are concerned," she explained. "Just turn on your TV. It's everywhere. And I'm not saying these younger girls don't deserve a chance. I know I've had my turn."

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"It's not necessary to feel something [bad] toward the person who is assuming your formal role," Oliver concluded. "You just understand that they have changed. The crews could change too. In a few years I think Fox will look radically different. I don't know how, but you have your thoughts and opinions. For people to pit us against each other is not necessary and not going to get far if the two of us don't participate."

Erin Andrews
Andrews was named the new 'DWTS' co-host earlier this season