Enrique Iglesias was unpopular with girls when he was a teenager.

The heartthrob pop star - who has been in a relationship with former tennis player Anna Kournikova for almost 10 years - didn't have much luck with the opposite sex when he was growing up, but as soon as got famous lots of ladies were interested in dating him.

He said: "I was the king of heartbroken as a teenager. I was never the heartbreaker. I just couldn't get laid. Years later, lots of the girls that rejected me came back just because I was famous. It is actually kind of sad."

Enrique admits it isn't difficult to attract women when you become a celebrity, and thinks lots of girls are interested in having "fun" with a famous guy.

He added: "If you become a famous singer or actor, or just famous, period, that helps a lot. Girls don't necessarily want to marry a famous person but I think they like the thought of having fun with them."