Engelbert Humperdinck to win? Bookies have somewhat enthusiastically given the UK a fighting chance at this year's Eurovision Song Contest, the British having traditionally in recent years found themselves low down the rankings in what has often been accused of being a widely political vote, with the country far out of favor owing to recent conflicts abroad and issues with the Euro currency.
Nevertheless, the nation hopes that dear old Engelbert will find the country fortune at this year's event in Baku, Azerbaijan and - following the crooner's revelation of his song 'Love Will Set You Free' - bookmakers William Hill have cut the odds of him winning from 16/1 to 14/1. They cite a popular reaction to the track on Twitter as to why they've cut the prices, though they still expect perennially successful Ireland to beat the UK, even though they have the unfathomably successful pop twins Jedward fighting for their cause. They're tipped at 1/2 to finish higher than Britain, with odds of 6/4 to go the other way.