Taylor Momsen would "eat alive" boys of her age.

The 16-year-old 'Gossip Girl' star - who plays rebel Jenny Humphrey in the US TV show - says she can't relate to other teenagers and will only date older men.

She said: "I live a very adult life. What am I going to do, hang out with high school kids? I just can't relate to what they talk about - it seems so petty.

"Boys are so much less mature than girls as it is. I would eat a boy my age alive."

Taylor - who also sings in a band, Pretty Reckless - got her high school diploma two years early but has no plans to attend university to further her education.

She added to TeEn Vogue magazine: "I'm an artist; I'm not going to use trigonometry. For most people college is a place where you learn about yourself, and I feel like I'm doing that already. I'm already independent."