Emmylou Harris has entered a plea of "not guilty" after being charged with a hit-and-run attack in October. The legendary country singer, songwriter and backing vocalist was charged when police deemed she had crashed her rental into another car while travelling on the 405 freeway, fleeing the scene shortly afterwards.

According to TMZ.com, the Los Angeles County District Attorney filed the misdemanor charge against Emmylou today (January 31, 2013), though the 65-year-old Grammy winner denied the whole thing. She is charged with slamming into another person's car on October 1st 2012 around 10pm, before taking off. Emmylou's representative acknowledged the incident, though described it as a "garden-variety accident that happens every day on the 405," claiming the singer only left the scene because had no idea she had hit another car. Worryingly, Emmylou's not guilty plea means she faces around 6 months in jail if she is convicted of the hit-and-run charge. 

A long-time collaborator of Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Mark Knopfler and Dolly Parsons, Emmylou remains one of the biggest names in folk music. Her last studio album, 2010's Hard Bargain, reached No.3 on the U.S. country chart and No.18 on the Billboard Hot 200.