In a world where technology is constantly evolving, the word 'privacy' is mud. Emma Watson goes from witch to whiz in a new dystopian thriller entitled 'The Circle' which explores the implications of a society where nothing is secret - not even your own home.

Emma Watson in The CircleEmma Watson stars in 'The Circle'

Human beings tend to be hypocritical in the sense that we value privacy and attack those who seek to remove that right from us. On the other hand, we rely on CCTV, tracking devices and digital bugs to search out criminals and terrorists, and most people are all for whistle-blowers and hackers to expose government secrets. 

'The Circle' follows a company that excels in advanced technology; that kind that raises the bar in terms of medical and scientific advancements, space travel and - perhaps most importantly for the common man - social networking. Led by the charismatic Bailey (played by the film's co-producer Tom Hanks), they unveil a new kind of camera that allows the user to become 'transparent'; that is, making every part of one's life visible to all. It doesn't stop there either. They are pushing messages the likes of 'sharing is caring' and 'secrets limit out potential', but there's a dark intention underlying it all.

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Mae Holland (Emma Watson) is enchanted by the whole ethos of The Circle when she lands a job there thanks to her good friend Annie (Karen Gillan). From the technology to the social interaction across the corporation, she's in her element and is quickly promoted higher and higher into the company. She never thinks to question the mystery surrounding the company's founding, even when her co-worker Kalden (John Boyega) warns her of the dangers of their plans.

'The Circle' has been directed and written by James Ponsoldt ('The Spectacular Now', 'Smashed'), based on David Eggers' best-selling novel of the same name which he published in 2013. The story was built around elements from Aldous Huxley's 1932 book 'Brave New World' and George Orwell's legendary 1949 novel 'Nineteen Eighty-Four'.

The film is set to be released in US movie theaters on April 28th 2017.