Emma Watson loves doing people's make-up.

The 'Harry Potter' actress loves applying cosmetics to her friends and family and is always happy to pass her beauty tips on to them.

She said: ''I love doing make-up. I did my mum's make-up for all her job interviews and whenever I go out, I do their make-up too.

''My speciality? I like quite a natural look, but I do everything really.

''People underestimate the power of an eyebrow. I recently got my friend into penciling hers in, which she thought was such a strange concept at first.''

However, Emma is aware that much beauty advice contradicts other snippets of wisdom so advises people not to listen to everything they are told.

She added to Britain's Glamour magazine: ''Don't listen to everyone. It's kind of overwhelming, especially with your diet and skincare. You get so many different pieces of advice, you don't know what to listen to.

''I think people need to judge what works for them and trust their intuition.''