Emma Watson says sustainability in fashion is ''also a feminist issue''.

The 'Harry Potter' star has always been interested in sustainable fashion since the tender age of 12 and she believes it stems past more than just making sure it wasn't fast fashion but also about workers' rights and women's rights.

She said: ''I've been interested in sustainability in fashion ever since I had to properly engage with it during my time of junkets and promotional tours for Harry Potter. That started as early as 12. At school, I took a specific interest in Fair Trade fashion and renewable energy sources under the supervision of a really inspiring geography teacher. This eventually led to a trip to Bangladesh in 2010 with sustainable brand People Tree. It became clear to me then that sustainability in fashion is a critical issue given how the industry can have damaging impacts on the environment, on workers' rights, and on animal welfare. It is also a feminist issue. It's estimated around 80 per cent of the world's garment workers are women aged between 18 and 35.''

And the 30-year-old actress and activist joined the Kering board to help the company with their sustainability plans as she feels it is an ''urgent issue''.

She added to Vogue.co.uk: ''As the COVID-19 crisis has shown, sustainability is an urgent issue which closely aligns to questions of justice and equality for women, black, indigenous and people of colour, and the environment. The work Kering is doing [in advancing sustainability in fashion] feels more vital than ever and I am extremely grateful to be able to join these efforts, putting my support behind a group who are demonstrating they take this responsibility seriously. I look forward to helping Kering further accelerate the pace [of its] work, building upon what it's already doing. I am also extremely excited to collaborate with Kering's women's rights foundation. I'm always just excited to learn.''