When news of Saving Mr. Banks was announced, the words on everybody’s lips were: ‘Tom Hanks is playing Walt Disney. Cool’. But, as details of the film emerged, the characters of P.L Travers emerged as the more interesting angle. And so it has proved now the critics have taken a look.

Emma ThompsonEmma Thompson as P.L Travers in Saving Mr. Banks

Perhaps it’s because Travers’ story isn’t particularly well known; not everyone was aware of the trouble she faced when Disney weighed in on her book, with a view to turning it into – as it became – one of the biggest films of all time. Either way, Thompson as Travers is the focus as Saving Mr. Banks hurtled towards a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Ahead of it’s November 29th wide release, we’re expecting a solid weekend for the untold story of this Disney classic.

Our very own Rich Cline said: "Awash with the Disney spirit, the film breaks free of the marketing machine to recount events that are lively and often very funnyree of the marketing machine to recount events that are lively and often very funny." Read his full review here. 

“The whole thing goes down with a few bucketloads of sugar. What keeps it from becoming sticky schmaltz is Emma Thompson, who plays Travers with wit and warmth,” says Time Out’s Cath Clarke.

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“This is not a simple story of an uptight English woman induced to loosen up by those freedom-lovin' Yanks, but a delicate and brilliantly acted story of overcoming the past to embrace an uncertain future,” Helen O’Hara of Empire Magazine wrote.

Paul M. Bradshaw of Total Film was also impressed, adding to the slew of positivity: “Hanks takes to Walt like a pair of cosy slippers, but it's Thompson who adds layers to a classy but predictable slice of Disney schmaltz.”

For Thompson, aged 54, though, the chance to work at all is enough motivation to deliver fantastic turns like these, let alone the complex and intricate characters she adopts.

“Well, at this stage of life you’re glad to be working at all,” she told The Telegraph. “And then the best role I’ve ever played comes along. It was one of those where you read the first page of the script and you think, 'yes, I’m in. I’ll do it.’”

Emma Thompson and Tom HanksEmma Thompson steals the show from under Hanks' feet

She is, of course, referring to the constant pressure for female actors to become sexualised, and look thin. "It seems young actresses are under pressure to look a particular way,” she says.

“They look the same, that’s the thing. And they’re all being photoshopped in adverts for all sorts of (products), so maybe that’s difficult as well — because you’ve got pictures of yourself looking perfect."