Emma Roberts regrets having spray tans when she was younger.

The 'American Horror Story' actress has admitted she grimaces when she thinks about how ''orange'' and unnatural she looked when she had regular tans.

Asked what her ''biggest'' beauty mistake growing up was, she confessed: ''Definitely the spray tans I had when I was younger. I looked so orange and it just wasn't natural.''

Elsewhere, the 29-year-old star - who is said to be expecting her first child with boyfriend Garrett Hedlund - revealed that when she is not on set, she likes to avoid wearing lots of make-up, but she can't be without her favourite mascara, the Chanel Le Volume De Chanel.

She said: ''When I was younger, I used to wear a lot of makeup and I always wear it when on set, so it can feel a bit like a costume. That's why, when I'm not working, I try to avoid wearing much of it and I have a real 'less is more' mantra. I couldn't do without mascara though. I love the Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara. It makes me look so much more awake and I like that the formula is really dark.''

The 'Nerve' star also revealed that her aunt Julia Roberts, 52, taught her about the importance of looking after her skin.

Sharing her skincare routine, Emma told Harper's Bazaar: ''For me, beauty is health, so I really focus on keeping my skin healthy, especially as I have really fair skin. That's something I've learned from my aunt [the actress Julia Roberts]. It starts with always remembering to wash my face. I like to use a deep-cleaning, make-up melting cleanser.''

And the 'Wild Child' actress also admitted that, whilst she tries to maintain a healthy balanced diet, she indulges every now and again.

On how she keeps fit and healthy, she added: ''I love Pilates and try to find balance by eating what I love, but in moderation. I think that is really important.''