Emma Roberts suffered ''growing pains'' in her 20s.

The 'American Horror Story' actress has admitted she is ''fine'' with everything she has gone through, both good and bad, because she uses it as a tool to help her develop as a person.

She said: ''There are a lot of growing pains in your twenties. But every single thing that's happened to me, even the bad stuff, I'm fine with it.

''If I can give myself credit for anything, it's that I do try to learn from the bad. I've never felt so sure that I'm in the right place doing what I'm supposed to be doing as I am right now.''

And the 24-year-old star says loyalty is one of the most important traits she looks for her in friends.

She added to Glamour magazine: ''To me loyalty is the biggest thing. My best friends are the kind of girls who, if I have something important to do, will come over and help me pick out an outfit while we drink a glass of champagne.

''My sister is 14, and I'm so protective over her. I tell her that if someone doesn't make her feel good, she doesn't need to be friends with them. I have four friends in the world I can call and tell anything, and that's all I need. In the past year I've done a serious clearing of people who didn't treat me the way a friend should treat you.''