Emma Roberts found her ''dream'' group of friends on the set of 'Scream Queens'.

The 24-year-old actress revealed her on-screen sorority sisters played by Ariana Grande, Lea Michele, Keke Palmer, Abigail Breslin and Billie Lourd, have become her closest pals and the women spend lots of time together off the set of the Fox horror TV series filmed in New Orleans.

Emma shared: ''We're always texting each other; we pick each other up for work; we go get pizza or coffee together. It doesn't feel like I'm just going to work every morning ... Finally at a point in my life where I feel like I have the group of friends that I always dreamed of having, that I know I can support and trust and that make me feel confident ''

These days, the actress feels more like a ''camp counsellor'' to her pals but confessed her school life was a different story.

She explained: ''When I was a teenager I was surrounding myself with friends who were talking behind everyone's back and starting drama.''

Meanwhile, Emma revealed that each actress is wondering whether the serial killer from the first series might be them.

She told Teen Vogue magazine: ''Apparently only four people will go on to season two. It's fun. I think everyone secretly thinks they're the killer, so they are kind of playing it like that.''