Emma Roberts has cleared the ''toxic'' people from her life.

The 'American Horror Story' star has admitted she has spent the last six months since her 24th birthday making sure to weed out any bad people in her friendship groups.

She said: ''Since I've turned 24, I really like cleared out toxic people in my life.

''I only surround myself with people - with work and with friends. People that are going to make me feel confident and make me happy and make me laugh. And so that way, the mean things don't get to me as much.''

And the 24-year-old beauty is also trying to avoid looking at any mean comments made about her on social media in a bid to feel more positive about herself.

She added to PEOPLE magazine: ''I feel like people think actors aren't real people and you can just say whatever you want about them and it doesn't matter.

''I guess it hurts my feelings, so I try not to read that stuff. It makes me more mad when I see it written about my friends or, like, my sister. My sister is 14 and she didn't want me to post a photo of [us] because she said people were saying mean things about her. That really broke my heart.''