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Emma Pollock
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Emma Pollock Adrenaline Single

OK, let's get this over with quickly. At first listen 'Adrenaline' sounds like Coldplay. A lot. Like 'Clocks' to be exact. The similarities are so striking it would be rather amiss not to mention it. There's the circular piano motif rolling around the same driving beat that carries the song along and the suitably obtuse lyric takes on the theme - "if my time is tabled and my clock is on time I can keep in a line".

Yet as soon as Emma Pollock turns her lyrical attention to redeeming herself in comes a chorus chunky enough to knit Arran sweaters from and, sure enough, by the end of the track the chances are you'll be humming along unconsciously.

Despite coming across as more bombastic in execution and less subtle than the output of her former band (at times the single does appear to seem a direct shot at the mainstream, despite 4AD's resolutely indie credentials) this is still a decent solo debut from the ex-Delgado - after a few listens the verse's melody especially takes on an indelible quality. Having said that the song doesn't quite manage to generate the rush its title suggests and as such is unlikely to win Emma Pollock too many new fans.

Owen Lloyd

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