Once a super force in British pop music, The Spice Girls are looking to take over the world with girl power once again and it seems a leaked version of their new song could be the thing to do just that.

Mel BMel B is one third of the new Spice Girls' offering: GEM

Geri Horner, Emma Bunton and Mel B have come together almost 20 years after the five-strong girl group got together as G.E.M and their first offering, Song For Her, has hit the Internet.

After several teasing snaps of the trio "back in the studio", all their efforts have been released onto the public and many fans are calling this a sure fire Eurovision hit.

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Fans on Twitter are hailing this as the UK’s next entry for the Europe-wide talent show; however, some have been quick to point out that that perhaps isn’t the best endorsement of their new song.

One Tweeter said: "The new #GEM #SpiceGirls single sounds *so* Eurovision and it comes in at around three minutes so could totally qualify...."

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But another Twitterer commented: "That new #SpiceGirls #GEM song is awful sounds like a Eurovision entry."

Surely if Geri appeared on the Eurovision stage a Union Jack dress, it wouldn’t really matter what the song sounded like...?