The first ever YouTube Music Awards took place at Pier 36 in New York on Sunday (November 3rd 2013). The spectacle as directed by Spike Jonze and featured actor, Jason Schwartzman, as the award show's host alongside comedian Reggie Watts.

Eminem performed 'Rap God' at the award show

The live-streaming ceremony only handed out six awards but it boasted performances from some of the most celebrated artists in the music industry today. Eminem, Lady GaGa, Taylor Swift Arcade Fire, M.I.A. and Avicii all performed at the New York pier.

The music award show was like no other as each performer played to a dramatic set with Spike Jonze directing live music videos.

Lady Gaga looked nearly unrecognisable as she wore a no make-up, a trucker's hat, a chequered flannel shirt while playing her new single 'Dope' on a piano. Oh and to make things even stranger, the 27 year-old was hysterically crying during her performance.

Eminem's anticipated performance closed the show and he delivered a perfect version of the lung-bursting 'Rap God', the 3rd single from his new album 'Marshall Mathers LP 2'. Em's performance wasn't a bizarre showcase like Gaga's, it began with the rapper standing in front of a white backdrop before he soundly reeled off rhymes and lyrics at a mind-boggling pace. Jonze filmed the whole performance in black and white.

lady gaga
Lady Gaga cried throughout her performance

Slim Shady also was the night's big winner as he was the recipient of the 'Artist Of The Year'. Other winner were American country singer, Taylor Swift, who was prized with the 'YouTube Phenomenon' due to her track 'I Knew You Were Trouble'. Upcoming rapper Macklemore is continuing a highly successful 2013 campaign as he and Ryan Lewis took home the 'Breakthrough Of The Year' award.

These awards are a sign that the music industry is changing and highlights how important the web is becoming to the music performers and other facets in the entertainment industry.

According to BBC News, Nielsen rating agency published a survey in which 64% of American adolescents said they listened to music on YouTube, compared with 56% who listened to radio.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift was an award winne ron the night