People everywhere are beginning to return back to work this month after long periods at home on the government's furlough scheme during the coronavirus pandemic. To some, it's the end of a holiday, but to others, it's a very welcome return to normality! 

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Without Me - Eminem

If you don't walk into the office/work WhatsApp group singing "Guess who's back, back again" then are you really making a grand enough entrance? Taken from his fourth studio album The Eminem Show, this song is easily one of Shady's most recognisable tunes and is a wonderfully satirical single reflecting his return to controversy after the much maligned (but ultimately genius) record The Marshall Mathers LP.

I'm Back - T.I.

The Grammy-nominated first single from this rapper's seventh studio album No Mercy came after his release from prison on weapons charges. Sure it wasn't the greatest album ever released, but it represented a true return to form after his sentence and a string of criticisms.

Here I Am - Bryan Adams

The song may be about friendship, but lyrics like "It's a new world it's a new start" are perfect for returning to work with a renewed motivation. The song was co-written by Hans Zimmer for the 2002 animated movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron and ended up being nominated for Best Original Song at the Golden Globe Awards.

Coming Back to Life - Pink Floyd

If you've spent time off work doing absolutely nothing productive whatsoever, then coming back to work is going to feel like coming back to life. This song is from 1994's The Division Bell and was reportedly written about David Gilmour's wife Polly Samson. 

Everybody (Backstreet's Back) - Backstreet Boys

Just because you're not a Backstreet Boy doesn't mean you can't sing "Backstreet's Back ALRIGHT!" at the top of your lungs when you swan into work. It's a signature track for the boy group and featured on their international second album Backstreet's Back. Though since this album was their US debut, it was instead eponymously titled and didn't originally include 'Everybody (Backstreet's Back)'. But it's such a catchy tune, they eventually had to re-release the album with the track.

Back In Black - AC/DC

Appropriate if you are well-known for donning a dark ensemble at work. It's the title track from the 1980 album of the same name which became the rock band's first number one. There's a rather touching reason behind the title and the all-black album cover; it was done as a tribute for the death of vocalist Bon Scott, who was ultimately replaced by Brian Johnson.

I'm Coming Back - The Human League

Not a particularly well-known song by the British synth-pop outfit but a funky start to 1984's Hysteria nonetheless. It's experimental, thoroughly upbeat and brilliant to dance to - even if the album recording sessions weren't the most straight-forward in the world. It didn't reach the success of 1981's Dare, but it's still one of the more underrated records.