Hip-hop superstar Eminem's long-lost sister couldn't believe it when she discovered that the two were related. The two never met, due to their father having abandoned the '8 Mile' star when he was only six months old. The discovery was made when Sarah Mathers, 23, was attending a family barbecue before noticing the television was showing Eminem. She remained unconvinced that this was the same child that her father, Marshall Mathers II had abandoned 31 years beforehand.

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Eminem's real name is, in fact, Marshall Mathers III, which should have been a dead giveaway, yet he was raised by his mother Debbie from the age of six months. Sarah described her bemusement, saying: "I'd known all my life that I had another brother, but Eminem? They'd got to be kidding. I giggled at the thought of it, then went back to join the rest of my family."

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She continued to explain: "But when my dad saw the resemblance between the two men (Eminem and half-brother Michael), he didn't brush it off. He phoned his great-aunt Edna, who'd helped look after Dad's oldest son before he split from his ex-wife, and she told him it was Marshall Mathers. Eminem was my brother."

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