Eminem has just released a teaser for his upcoming video with Rihanna, Monster, and it’s… well, it’s intense. Judging from the 56-second clip, this is going to be another introspective video by the rapper, where he takes a look back at his life and career with the help of RiRi as a sexy therapist.

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Eminem has joined forces with RiRi on what looks to be a very dark video.

The video opens with aMr Mathers watching a playback of his life in a darkened room to the sound of a metronome and a Newton’s cradle. It’s a therapist’s office presumably and Rihanna soon steps in as that the therapist – a rather elegant one at that, sporting vampy red lips and a sleek bob. As she observes Eminem (she even has a yellow notepad and everything), the TV flashes frames alluding to his family issues, battles with drug addiction (the rapper entered rehab in 2005), etc. etc.

Check out the teaser below:

Cut to a whole different scene – there’s a cage in a desert landscape, guarded by a couple of soldiers, armed with machine guns. The word “Monster” flashes across the screen and the frane cuts to a creepy angle from inside the box, while one of the gunmen points directly at its contents. This leaves us to ponder the age old question: what’s in the box? That’s one way to build anticipation for the full video. There's no official release date yet, but we can probably expect the full video sometime next week.