'Saturday Night Live' welcomed Eminem to the show this weekend as their musical guest, with the rapper joining forces with Skylar Grey to perform a medley of his new track 'Walk On Water', as well as two of his greatest hits; 'Stan', and 'Love The Way You Lie'. All three songs were performed together as part of a medley.

Whilst it was quite the moving and emotional performance that included a tribute to Eminem's late best friend Proof, aka DeShaun Holton, it was one that audio engineers were forced to bleep many words out of, really taking viewers out of the moment whenever they were made to do so. At this point, most people who tune into 'SNL' would know exactly what Eminem is all about, so it would have been nice to see the performance without all of the constant muting.

Skylar provided some brilliant vocal work, performing alongside the rapper, who clearly enjoyed his on-stage collaboration and at one point was waving his arms over her head and mouthing the words of the tracks along with her singing.

The pair aren't strangers to one another's work, and have in the past collaborated on a number of songs such as 2011 single 'I Need A Doctor' with Dr. Dre, 2013 track 'A-hole' and most-recent hit 'Kill For You', from Skylar's 2016 album.

Eminem didn't change his trademark look for the performance, wearing all black including a hoodie, which he had pulled up over his head and his usual baseball cap. He also sported the beard that made headlines earlier this year, with many saying he was unrecognisable because of the facial hair. Skylar started off her performance behind a piano, and looked beautiful in a stunning white gown.

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Eminem's new collaboration with Beyonce, 'Walk On Water' is available to download and stream now.