Eminem's upcoming album 'Marshall Mather LP 2' is readying for its release this November and the Detroit rapper has already found success as well as criticism with the album's hit singles.

The latest single 'Rap God' was dropped on October 15th to positive reviews as it displayed Em's rhyming ability and rapid deliverance, proving why he deserves that title.

However, where Eminem goes usually controversy follows and this track isn't an exception. The lyrical content of 'Rap God' has attracted a backlash from the gay community and other gay high profile figures.

The controversy stems from the line "I'll still be able to break a motherf*ckin' table/Over the back of a couple of f*ggots and crack it in half," which has caused the openly gay hip-hop singer Solomon to speak out. The singer released a statement via Ny Daily News saying "When he invited me on his radio station a few years ago, I thought he put all of this aside."

He added, "Granted, it's not directed towards the gay community, but subconsciously it is. He's using the word f-ggot to degrade another man. As if the worst thing a man can be is gay. What type of message does that embed into the minds of young kids, both gay and straight?"

Openly gay British singer, Boy George, tweeted his distain for the explicit slurs, "I haven't heard the record, I just object to the term, 'f-g."

The new album is titled the same as his most successful studio set to date, 'Marhsall Mathers LP', this could suggest Em is re-visiting the harsh, offensive, lyrical content that raised his career and profile in all those years ago.

Meanwhile Eminem recently spoke to Rolling Stone about the much hyped sequel, "Right now, I'm probably working harder than I've ever worked in my life."

The rapper adds, "Aside from around the time of The Eminem Show, when I was also doing the 8 Mile movie and soundtrack and score and shit like that. This is probably the equivalent of that, but all focused on the record."

When he compares in to its predecessor, released 13 years ago, Mathers says "it's not necessarily a sequel, as much as it is a revisitation." This could explain why he decided to use offensive the offensive content.

'Marhall Mathers LP 2' is set for release on November 5th 2013.

Eminem's song 'Rap God' featues homophobic slurs