As we enter the final month of 2013, Eminem dominates the album charts by quite a distance, beating out competition from Lady GaGa’s Artpop, which endured a dramatic fall to No. 8 with just 46,000 copies sold, to Slim Shady’s 120,000. That 82% decline was the biggest for a No. 1 debut this year.

EminemEminem has success in his signs once more

It marks a brilliant comeback for Eminem, whose last album Recovery was strong in sales but didn’t enamour the critics and was largely forgettable.

The rapper’s latest video, for his singe Rap God, has been attracting attention. In it, he appears as the 80s cult character, Max Headroom - a fictional British artificial intelligence, known for his dry, acerbic wit, stuttering and distorted, electronically sampled voice.

His success hasn’t come without setbacks though; recently, the house that features on both Marshal Mather LP album sleeve’s caught fire, and after inspection, was deemed unsafe and subsequently demolished. Before that, the house was up for auction but did not sell. It has been reported that officials tried to reach out to Eminem to see if he wanted to buy the house.

Watch the video for Eminem's Rap God here

In a recent interview, the Detroit rapper confirmed he hasn’t the sense of humour that aided his monumental success. In a sit down with The BBC’s Zane Lowe, he referenced the now-infamous Kanye West interview.

“I'm super excited to be here. I was trying to figure out how I was going to top the publicity of yours and Kanye's interview,” he said. “So I decided I was going to walk in here and just pee on the floor and leave.” Cue long and awkward silence: “I'm peeing right now. See you guys later!”

Eminem hornsEminem and his horns