Rap superstar Eminem's alleged drug-addled partying led to his split with his Brazilian mistress Kesia Alvarez.

The 30-year-old manicurist, who lives in Florida, enjoyed a secret affair with the hip-hop honcho in 1999, the same year he married KIM SCOTT - the mother of his daughter HAILIE JADE.

Alvarez tells British tabloid the DAILY MIRROR, "He was a big user of ecstasy and cocaine, as well as prescriptions downers, Zanax and Valium.

"I don't think he ever gave a show when he wasn't high. He also drinks a lot of BACARDI and while I was with him he started on Cognac, which he learned from Dr Dre.

"But he never smoked cigarettes and I only once ever saw him smoking marijuana. He did a lot of ecstasy and he and some of his friends were heavily into coke as well."

Alvarez claims she had a huge fight with the rapper when he offered her cocaine.

She recalls, "One night he asked me if I wanted to do some cocaine with him and I flipped out because that's something I'm completely against.

"About a week later, I went into his hotel room. There was a plate piled with cocaine on the table. It was in a big heap, maybe a quarter of a pound (4 ounces/113 grams). I flipped and hit the plate across the room. Suddenly, it was snowing."

The pair split in early 2000 after Alvarez claimed Eminem had become "rude and arrogant".

19/04/2004 14:02