Eminem has just dropped an epic freestyle rap attacking President Donald Trump for everything from his NFL anger to his plans to build a wall to keep out immigrants. The clip was shown at the BET Awards last night, from a parking lot on Detroit, Michigan.

Eminem at 'Southpaw' premiereEminem at 'Southpaw' premiere

One of the main highlights of last night's (October 10th 2017) BET Awards was Eminem's freestyle 'The Storm'. He proved that he's still a legend in the rap game, and an important figure for speaking out on political issues in the music industry.

He kicks off the four-minute spit by describing Trump as 'a kamikaze that'll probably cause a nuclear holocaust', before moving on to what Eminem and many others believe are racist policies of the current President's using a Marvel pun and an attack on his fake tan.

'Racism's the only thing he's Fantastic Four / 'Cause that's how he gets his f***ing rocks off and he's orange', he raps. 'Yeah, sick tan. Thats's why he wants us to disband / 'Cause he cannot withstand the fact we're not afraid of Trump / F**k walking on eggshells, I came to stomp / That's why he keeps screaming 'drain the swamp' / 'Cause he's in quicksand.'

He also addresses Trump's criticism of the NFL, after Colin Kaepernick decided to take a knee during a game's National Anthem to protest the state of the country. 'It's like we take a step forwards then backwards, but that's his form his distraction', Eminem continues. 'Plus he gets an enormous reaction when he attacks the NFL so he focus on that instead of talking Puerto Rico and gun reform for Nevada / All these horrible tragedies and his board would rather cause a Twitter storm with the Packers.'

He continues: 'Now if you're a black athlete you're a spoilt little brat for trying to use your platform and your stature to try to give those a voice that don't have one / He says you're spitting in the face of vets who fought for us, you b*****ds!'

Building on his accusations that Trump is nothing but a racist, he mocks him with a hillbilly-esque accent. 'He's gonna get rid of all immigrants / He's gonna built that thing up taller than this', he adds, addressing Trump's previous threats to build a wall to separate Mexico from the States. 'Well if he does build it, I hope it's rock solid with bricks / 'Cause like him in politics I'm using all of his tricks / 'Cause I'm throwing that piece of s**t against the wall til it sticks.'

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His final line is directed at his own fans, essentially rejecting any of his followers if they are supporters of the President and his policies. 'Any fan of mine who's a supporter of his / I'm drawing in the sand a line, you're either for or against / And if you can't decide who you like more and you're split / On who you should stand beside, I'll do it for it for you with this / F**k you.'

Eminem was the true winner of the 2017 BET Awards.