It's strange; ask the average person in the street and they'd probably tell you that Eminem was at his most high profile during the late 90s and into the early millennium. If Facebook is anything to go by, though, the foul-mouthed rapper appears to be as relevant as he ever was. Em has recently become the first living person to have their official Facebook page go over 60 million likes, according to Page Data, clocking in a mighty 60.1 million fans. This puts in him in fifth place overall, behind pages Facebook For Every Phone, Facebook itself, Texas HoldEm Poker and Youtube. For the next living person, sixth spot sees Rihanna's page take a bow, with 59.4 million likes, whilst they're both streets ahead of the likes of Lady GaGa (ninth with 53 million), Justin Bieber (15th with 45.7 million) and Katy Perry (16th with 45.5 million).
The stats for Eminem's page are staggering: the man is picking up close to 179,000 new likes per week, which equates to some 26,854 a day. Compare this with Gaga; though in the overall top ten, she'll be getting worried (well, she probably won't) as out of all the ten hers is the only page expanding by fewer than 10,000 new likes per day.
MTV reports, however, that, whilst the hip-hop king might be winning the Facebook wars, he's lagging some way behind on Twitter. That's where Gaga comes into her own, with more than 27.8 million followers, whilst Bieber comes in with 25.8 million. Em? He's down in 19th, with a mere 11.8 million. Get tweeting, man!