Eminem is set to incur the wrath of animal rights activists by clubbing virtual baby seals in Cee Lo Green's new video.
The rapper/actor agreed to be the focus of broadcaster Robin Leach's fictitious TV show Rappers Are Richer Than You - and poke fun at the public's perception of how he spends his millions - in the promo for Cee Lo's new collaboration with Slaughterhouse, My Life.
In the short film, Eminem pretends to use his gold and platinum discs as clay pigeon alternatives on a shooting range, bathe in "the tears of other rappers" in a bid to keep his youthful looks and sit on a throne in "his castle" while a dinosaur pet feeds him grapes.
But it's the image of the bored rap star bashing "imported baby seals from the Arctic" with a mallet in a whack-a-mole-esque arcade game which is sure to upset animal lovers.