Emily Watson thought the 3D effects used in 'Everest' were ''incredible''.

The 48-year-old actress stars in the adventure thriller based on the true story of a group of climbers who trek to the highest point on earth in the Himalayas and despite her reservations about the use of computerised imagery to recreate the mountains, she felt in awe of the results.

She said: ''You can feel what it is to be in some of those really dangerous places. I mean 3D, because I usually hate 3D, but this is the first time that I've gone, 'Now that really works'.

''You're looking down those incredible drops.''

Emily portrays Helen Wilton, the group's manager who co-ordinated the climb from base camp, in the movie.

Meanwhile, Jake Gyllenhaal (Scott Fischer), Keira Knightley (Jan Arnold), Josh Brolin (Beck Weathers) and Robin Wright (Peach) star in the blockbuster as various climbers.

But things go wrong when a fierce storm strikes the mountain.

Emily - whose previous film credits include 'War Horse' and 'The Book Thief' - told ITV's 'Good Morning Britain': ''There are just incrementally lots of different things that are just beginning to go wrong and it builds and builds and builds and it's very tense.''