Emily Vancamp is ''excited'' to have children.

The 27-year-old star can't wait to start a family of her own with her boyfriend, her 'Revenge' co-star Josh Bowman, and admits her desire to have a baby has gotten stronger with age.

When asked what has surprised her about herself, she said: ''How excited I am to have children! It never seemed tangible, but my sister just had a baby - beautiful little Ivy - and my sister Alison is having a baby boy. Suddenly, it's like that part of my life is real.''

She added: ''I find myself dreaming about it all the time. In your late 20s, you start to realise you can't call yourself a baby any more.''

Although she is in a very happy relationship, Emily has remained tight-lipped on her relationship with 26-year-old Josh - whom she has been dating since 2011 - because she likes to keep her private life separate from her work.

She explained in the April edition of ELLE Canada magazine: ''Josh and I keep it all very separate. I barely talk about him in interviews, to be honest.''

However, the blonde beauty - who plays Emily Thorne in the US TV show - admits her family find it odd watching her on-screen with Josh, who plays aggressive Daniel Grayson, because they are entangled in a bitter and abusive relationship on-screen.

She said: ''It's hard for my family to watch - it's also hard for them to see me in that light. But we're actors. None of that lives in any of us. Thank God!''