Emily Ratajkowski went "crazy" about skincare in quarantine.

The 'We Are Your Friends' hitmaker felt like she was "overusing products" when it came to her previous routine but she has now slim-lined her skincare to ensure all the basics are covered as she feels her past methods made her skin "freak" out.

Speaking about her lockdown beauty routine, she said: "In quarantine, I went crazy and ordered a bunch of skincare products. One of the things I’ve learned about beauty - I just need the basics and for them to be really good. That was one of the ways that my skin freaked out, because I was overusing products."

And the 29-year-old actress insists she wasn't really "into skincare" for a long time.

She added: "I really wasn’t into skincare or make-up or anything. I wasn’t even someone who really washed my face. I was so nervous because Emily Weiss came over, and I made up some of the things I used. I thought I gave them info and the comments were like, 'Oh, this girl doesn’t even like skincare!'"

Emily used to hate sheet masks but she is now a huge fan of them and uses them if she has an "extra 15 minutes in the morning" or if she's just got out the shower.

Speaking to Vogue magazine of her beauty routine, she shared: "If I have an extra 15 minutes in the morning and I’ve gotten out of the shower, it is easy to throw one on while I’m blow drying my hair or answering my emails. Then I can take it off and put my make-up on right then and there. I could be talking to you on the phone right now and wouldn’t be like, ‘Oh my God, it’s sliding off!'"