Emily Ratajkowski has been in therapy for “quite a long time”.

The model, 31, also revealed on her ‘High Low’ podcast, released on Thursday, counselling had helped her beat a “fear of abandonment.”

She said: “I’ve been in therapy for quite a long time,” before adding about being tested for an “anxious preoccupied” attachment style when she began sessions: “It means you really don’t want to be alone. You typically have negative self-image (and a) positive views of others.

“They often seek approval, support, responsiveness from their partner. You’re always turning to your parent for more reassure(ance).

“For me, it was really in therapy where I learned to be independent and get to the root of my fear of abandonment.”

Mum-of-one Emily, who shares 21-month-old son Sylvester with her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, 41, who she divorced earlier this year amid allegations he had cheated, added she is working to develop a “secure” attachment with her child.

Emily has been linked to Brad Pitt since her split from Sebastian and is said to currently be dating comedian Pete Davidson.

She told Harper’s Bazaar in October she wants to start enjoying dating, adding:

“I wasn’t very good at deciding what I liked (before.)

“So now it’s really fun to go to dinner with someone and be like, ‘Cool. I really enjoyed these parts of them. I really didn’t like these other parts.’”

She has also told People about single life: “It’s so nice, honestly. I don’t owe anything to anybody – other than my son, that’s the only man.”