Emily Blunt's stylist believes the actress is ''always the prettiest girl at the party''.

Jessica Paster - who has also worked with former Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr and the actresses Sandra Bullock and Felicity Jones - admits it's a joy to work with the 'Into the Woods' star because she always looks so flawless.

She said: ''The Oscars are always a high. I loved working with Emily Blunt. Never has a client looked so beautiful, each and every time. Emily is always the prettiest girl at the party. What can I say, she is perfect. I knew when I saw the Alexander McQueen orange dress it would look beautiful on her.''

The fashion expert also confessed celebrities can get paid up to $250,000 for wearing designer gowns to red carpet events and award ceremonies but admitted stars often refuse garments they don't like as the money's ''not worth'' them being seen looking ''awful''.

Speaking at the Vulture Festival's Hollywood Power Stylist Panel in New York, Jessica added: ''If it looks awful on you, $100,000 or $250,000 is not worth it. But if it looks gorgeous and this is the dress you were going to pick anyway, why not get paid?

''Let's not forget that when [designers] make these custom dresses, they're spending about $100,000. So someone is getting paid.''