Emily Blunt thinks Hollywood makes movies for ''14-year-old boys''.

The 32-year-old actress, who recently starred alongside Josh Brolin in the crime thriller 'Sicario', has hit out at the state of the film industry, accusing it of paying too much attention to one demographic.

She said: ''I think people are making films that are targeted towards one type of audience, which is 14-year-old boys.

''You hear this a lot, 'We've gotta get the 14-year-old boys in'. I think there's a large number of the population who aren't 14 or male. I think that's becoming less of the target because I don't think you can crunch numbers on what people are going to respond to.''

Emily cited the movie 'Lucy', which stars Scarlett Johansson, as proof ''women make money''.

She told Digital Spy: ''It's important to have films that are more sophisticated and targeted towards a huge number of people.''

Meanwhile, Emily claimed recently that she would be scared to play Mary Poppins in a remake of the classic Disney movie.

The actress - who has been heavily linked to the coveted role - was recently asked if she's secured the part and said: ''Oh I won't go there yet, but I think it would be [scary].''