Emily Blunt finds it's ''dull'' being healthy all the time.

The 'Devil Wears Prada' star insists she doesn't feel the pressures of Hollywood when it comes to her figure and thinks women should be able to make their own ''choice'' about how they want to look.

She said: ''I think that's your choice. Obviously, if I'm doing a part where I need to be in really good shape, I can't eat like this. But I'm about to play an alcoholic, so we're good.

''And I'm specific about when I choose to be healthy and when I'm not, because it's so dull to be healthy all the time. Do you know Elizabeth Taylor said on her deathbed, 'I wish I'd eaten more.' Don't you think a lot of people would feel that? Certainly a lot of actresses?''

However, the 32-year-old star admits she does feel good when she's ripped but says it doesn't make her feel very ''feminine''.

She added to The Sunday Times' Style magazine: ''I do but I don't feel very feminine. I don't enjoy being ripped like that.

''I'll be up for playing a mum soon. It's all right. Everyone gets older. I'm ready. I've got another eight years of hopefully being relatively attractive before I have to be a witch.''