Emilia Clarke says the male cast members got ''cooling systems'' for their costumes on 'Game of Thrones' - whilst the women were left without.

The actress played Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO fantasy series until its final series last year and revealed the inequality experienced by her female cast-mates, when they were forced to cool themselves down in other ways, whilst the men had special cooling features installed.

Speaking about the show's costumes for the Edinburgh TV festival, she said: ''The guys in the Night's Watch are wearing a woolly mammoth all the time. When we were shooting things in a hot country, they had this pump that had its own little generator attached into the costumes.

''They used it to pump cold water into these pipes and cool them all down so underneath they had this weird kind of cooling system. Girls weren't allowed that. All I could get was the back of my wig to be lifted up. It's too hard, I've got a wig on, they don't make cold packs you know, you put ice packs on yourself.''

Meanwhile, Emilia previously admitted she was worried she'd lose her 'Game of Thrones' role due to her two brain aneurysms.

She admitted: ''With the first one, I couldn't let them know what had happened until they knew that I wasn't going to die. So it took us three weeks to be like, 'sorry for not answering the old emails. I've just been a bit, you know ... I'm fine! 'By the way, everything's great. I'm totally fine. I'm going to be back to work, nothing wrong's with me. I'm all good.'''